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Welcome to my blog! My name is Jonathan, and today I'd like to tell you all about my love of caravans. When I say that I live in Alice Springs, Australia, that is a bit of a lie. I mean, I have a house there but it is really just somewhere to keep my stuff. My real home is out on the road or in the Outback. For many years, I worked in a boring job so I could save money and buy my dream camper van. Now that I own one, I have taught myself how to live out in the middle of nowhere for weeks at a time. I decided to start this blog to encourage others to do the same.


Top Tips When Choosing a Caravan Park

27 December 2019
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Caravan parks are the best place to camp and spend time with your family. Choosing a caravan park can prove to be a daunting task. Read the extract below to learn how to choose a caravan park.  Location The caravan park should be conveniently located. For example, when going on a road trip, you would want a caravan park situated close to the main highway. Parks located a few kilometres off the highway are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who would like to enjoy a ride on their ATVs, 4WDs and dirt bikes. Read More …

Why Hard Floor Campers Are Perfect for First-Time Campers

23 August 2017
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Are you planning to get into camping for the first time? Then you're probably wondering where to start. Should you purchase a tent, a caravan, or a camper trailer? A hard floor camper trailer is a great option for first-time campers for so many reasons. It offers just the right level of comfort without detracting from the authentic camping experience, doesn't cost a fortune, and is easy to store, transport, and assemble. Read More …

Planning to Take Your Dog on a Caravan Holiday? You’ll Need to Read This

26 April 2017
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Sometimes it doesn't feel like a real caravan holiday unless you bring the entire family, and this can include a four-legged child. If you've never taken your dog with you on a caravan holiday, there are a few things you need to consider. Perhaps the most important thing is to check that your intended caravan park actually permits dogs, otherwise it's going to be a very short holiday! But once you have found an ideal site for all the members of your family to stay together, there are some things that you need to do to ensure that your precious pooch enjoys the holiday just as much as you do. Read More …

Five Army Disposal Essentials to Add to Your Hiking Backpack in Case Emergency Strikes

29 March 2017
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Hiking is a fun hobby, but if emergency strikes, you may get stuck on the hiking trail. To ensure you're ready to survive any situation, you may want to pack a few essentials in your backpack. You can find these lightweight essentials at an army disposals shop. 1. Compass and Map Ideally, you should have a map of the area, but you should also get a compass to help orient yourself. Read More …