Top Tips When Choosing a Caravan Park

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Top Tips When Choosing a Caravan Park

27 December 2019
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Caravan parks are the best place to camp and spend time with your family. Choosing a caravan park can prove to be a daunting task. Read the extract below to learn how to choose a caravan park


The caravan park should be conveniently located. For example, when going on a road trip, you would want a caravan park situated close to the main highway. Parks located a few kilometres off the highway are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who would like to enjoy a ride on their ATVs, 4WDs and dirt bikes. 


The caravan park must have adequate security. Additionally, it should have sufficient parking space for its visitors. Look for a park with dump stations if you would want to service your RV. 

Caravan parks have varying accommodation facilities for their guests. For instance, you may opt for a luxury cabin if you want to give your spouse a holiday treat. The parks might also provide budget accommodation for people travelling in groups or with their families. Some also offer tents and wood to light campfires if you want to camp at the facility. 


The caravan park should provide a wide range of activities. For example, if you will travel with your kids, you could opt for a caravan park that has a children's playground. A swimming pool would come in handy during hot afternoons. Parks located close to lakes and rivers may provide water sport activities such as canoeing, fishing and boat riding. Some parks have golf courses, tennis courts and basketball courts to ensure you can enjoy your favourite games. 

Bars and restaurants are the perfect places to interact with other tourists. Some parks will organise outdoor activities such as team building, barbeques and concerts to keep guests entertained at the facility.

Park Policy

Read the park's policies before booking. Some of your concerns should include:

  1. What is the park's deposit and cancellation policy? You may have to forfeit a portion of your deposit if you cancel a few hours before arrival.
  2. What time should guests check in and out of the park?
  3. What extra charges will you incur? You may have to pay for your accommodation and activities such as golfing.
  4. What is the park's noise policy? This is a vital consideration if you want to hold parties at the park. 
  5. If you want to travel with your pet, look for a pet-friendly caravan park. 

When choosing a caravan park, examine its location, services, available activities and the park policies.