Why Hard Floor Campers Are Perfect for First-Time Campers

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Why Hard Floor Campers Are Perfect for First-Time Campers

23 August 2017
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Are you planning to get into camping for the first time? Then you're probably wondering where to start. Should you purchase a tent, a caravan, or a camper trailer? A hard floor camper trailer is a great option for first-time campers for so many reasons. It offers just the right level of comfort without detracting from the authentic camping experience, doesn't cost a fortune, and is easy to store, transport, and assemble. If you're not quite convinced, read on for more details on why hard floor campers are so great. 

They're Easy to Tow 

If you've never towed anything before, camper trailers are much less daunting than full caravans. They're low enough that your visibility won't be affected too dramatically, and travel well off-road and on tracks. They're also much lighter than caravans, meaning they can be towed by a wider range of vehicles. This gives you the freedom to travel to locations you might not get to with a caravan.

They're Simple to Assemble 

Do you want your first camping trip to be spent arguing over tent poles? No. That's why hard floor campers are such a good choice. They're quick and easy to set up and can be assembled by a single person. In most cases, you'll simply flip the top over, unfold the cover and put a few poles in place. This makes them ideal if you're planning to arrive at your campsite later in the day and won't have much daylight left for assembly. When it comes to packing up, most camper trailers have a simple winch for easy closure.

They're More Comfortable Than Tents 

Your first night sleeping on the forest floor can be quite an experience...and not always in a good way. A hard floor camper offers a much more comfortable sleeping surface than any tent, but you won't feel like you're 'cheating' in the way that you might in a caravan. Making sure you're as comfortable as possible is the best way to make this trip the start of a lifelong passion for camping, rather than a sleepless disaster.

They're Cheaper and More Authentic Than Caravans 

There's no arguing with the fact that caravans offer the widest range of home comforts, but that comes at a price. They're much more expensive than hard floor campers, are harder to transport, and offer a less authentic experience. In a hard floor camper, you're basically in a very comfortable tent. In a caravan, you're kind of just in a tiny house. For an experience where you're truly immersed in nature, hard floor campers are the obvious choice.