Planning to Take Your Dog on a Caravan Holiday? You'll Need to Read This

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Planning to Take Your Dog on a Caravan Holiday? You'll Need to Read This

26 April 2017
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Sometimes it doesn't feel like a real caravan holiday unless you bring the entire family, and this can include a four-legged child. If you've never taken your dog with you on a caravan holiday, there are a few things you need to consider. Perhaps the most important thing is to check that your intended caravan park actually permits dogs, otherwise it's going to be a very short holiday! But once you have found an ideal site for all the members of your family to stay together, there are some things that you need to do to ensure that your precious pooch enjoys the holiday just as much as you do.

Preparing Your Dog

Your dog will be happiest travelling in the car with you. If you have not brought your dog on an extended road trip before, you need to make sure that they're ready. Take your dog for longer drives in the weeks leading up to your big adventure, just so they get used to spending time in your vehicle. Ensure that you have a proper restraint for your dog (you can get restraints that fit right into a seat belt buckle). Speak to your vet if you think your dog will need motion sickness medication.

Leaving Your Dog

Even when you've found a dog friendly caravan park, it's not as though your dog will be able to be with you at all time, particularly if you go on excursions in the surrounding towns. You can't leave your dog inside the caravan since it's a similar scenario to leaving a dog in a hot car—a very bad idea. Does your caravan or camper trailer come with a retractable awning? This is a fairly necessary addition when it comes to camper trailer accessories, regardless of whether or not you actually have a dog. Any place that provides caravan accessories will be able to install one for you. In a pinch, you can use a portable, lightweight shade tent for your dog. Your caravan or camper trailer will need to have a sufficiently strong bracket that allows you to tie your dog up. The chain or rope will need to be long enough so that your dog can access the shade and its water.

Tracking Your Dog

If you're concerned that your dog might become lost during your caravan holiday (some pooches are wanderers), then why not invest in some peace of mind? Get a GPS tracker for their collar, which unobtrusively clips right onto any existing collar. You can then track your dog using a smartphone app. This is just some added security if you're worried about your dog wandering off into unfamiliar wilderness.

It's not so difficult to enjoy a caravan holiday with your dog, provided you do a little preparation and have the right accessories.