Five Army Disposal Essentials to Add to Your Hiking Backpack in Case Emergency Strikes

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Five Army Disposal Essentials to Add to Your Hiking Backpack in Case Emergency Strikes

29 March 2017
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Hiking is a fun hobby, but if emergency strikes, you may get stuck on the hiking trail. To ensure you're ready to survive any situation, you may want to pack a few essentials in your backpack. You can find these lightweight essentials at an army disposals shop.

1. Compass and Map

Ideally, you should have a map of the area, but you should also get a compass to help orient yourself. Look for a compass in a waterproof case, and you may also want to consider an army disposals canvas or leather pouch that attaches to your belt for easy carrying.

2. Headlamp

If darkness falls or clouds roll in, you may need a light, and a headlamp is ideal. That allows you to search for wood or shelter if stuck in the wilderness, and if you are still ambling down the trail, you can use the headlamp to light your way. Consider packing extra batteries or keeping the light on dim as much as possible to preserve power.

3. First Aid Kits

You can also get small first aid kits at most army disposal shops. Make sure the kit has alcohol to disinfect wounds and lots of bandages. Also, look for a waterproof case so you don't have to worry about bandages getting wet. In case of a serious injury such as breaking a bone, you may want to purchase a combat application tourniquet. That lets you add compression to the wound until you can seek medical care.

4. Waterproof Matches or Flint

If you have to make camp on a hiking trail or if you get lost in the wilderness, a fire can be essential for warmth or for purifying water. Most army disposals also sell waterproof matches or other fire starting material that you can use in an emergency. Make your choice based on how you're comfortable starting a fire.

5. Powdered Food

You may also want to add some emergency food stores to your hiking backpack. Army disposals often sell emergency rations of powdered food. Look for high protein options. That way you can sustain your energy without having to eat as much. You may also want to look for a small filtration device. If the food requires water, you want to ensure that the water is clean and safe to drink. Alternatively, buy a small pot so you can boil the water over your fire.